How to Run a Successful Sweepstakes Text to Win Campaign

Do you know how to run a successful sweepstakes text to win campaign? Are you thinking of launching a sweepstakes text to win campaign but you aren’t quite sure how to do it?

Whether you’ve just launched a new product or you want to promote an established brand, you need a strategy in order to run a successful text to win campaign. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

text to win campaign text message entry

Identify Your Sweepstakes Goals and Target Audience

You’ve heard this a bunch of times but it’s worth saying again: to run a successful sweepstakes text to win campaign, you need to have a specific goal in mind.

Here are 7 top sweepstakes goals:

  1. Get more traffic to your site
  2. Get instant sales
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Generate new email marketing leads
  5. Find new customers
  6. Thank customers for their loyalty
  7. Develop new insights into popular products

You need to also figure out who wants to enter your sweepstakes text to win campaign as well. Identify your target market by using demographics, social media behavior, and geotargeting.

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Create Your Official Rules

Figure out who is eligible, where you want your text to win campaign to run, entry methods, and when you want your promotion to start and end. All of this information should be in your official rules and summarized via abbreviated rules that appear on all of your promotions.

By deploying a sweepstakes management company to help you best figure out how to write your official rules to ensure legal compliance, as well as, maximizing the perceived benefits for entrants, you will be on your way to making your sweepstakes go viral.

Choose the Right Prize

Some sweepstakes text to win campaigns fail because the sweepstakes sponsor chooses a prize that doesn’t match the promotion or the audience. As a result, you should consider choosing the right sweepstakes prize as a part of your plan for running a successful sweepstakes.

Opt for a prize that is relevant to your brand and attractive to current customers. Furthermore, it’s better to give out a niche prize that will only attract potential and existing customers to your sweepstakes rather than a generic prize like money or a vacation.

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Promote Your Sweepstakes Text to Win Campaign

Get your sweepstakes advertising in retail stores and on social media for the best outcome and maximum reach. You should also use paid ads, as well as, leveraging social media influencers to promote the sweepstakes.

win a go pro text to win campaign
win a go pro text to win campaign

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Post-Sweepstakes Follow-Up

As a sweepstakes company, we have seen that post-sweepstakes follow-up is the key to transforming sweepstakes entrants into customers. After your sweepstakes ends, celebrate the winners by posting the win on your social networks.

You should also make sure to thank non-winners for entering by rewarding them with discounts and coupons for your product or service.

In the months following your sweepstakes, you can then enroll the sweepstakes entrants into your regular newsletter email marketing and other promotions. The sweepstakes audience then becomes a go-to audience that you can tap into for promotions and customer sales.

post campaign follow up text to win campaign

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Bottom Line

These principles are essential for any successful sweepstakes promotion. If you want to make sure that your sweepstakes is ready to launch, request a Sweeppea sweepstakes review before your promotion goes live.

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