Sweepstakes Management: Full Administration vs Self Service?

You already know that running a sweepstakes is one of the best ways to get leads and sales. However, in order to launch a sweepstakes, you need sweepstakes management.

You can’t just launch a sweepstakes without the necessary official rules, and registration and bonding (where required by law). Instead, some planning and setup is needed. Sweepstakes management bridges the gap between the sweepstakes sponsor (company) and sweepstakes entrants (participants).

There are two main types of sweepstakes administration: full administration and self-service. Here is what you need to know in order to decide whether to choose full administration or self service.

Full Administration vs Self Service: What’s the Difference?

With full-service sweepstakes administration, you get the full package. Someone else is responsible for setting up your sweepstakes promotion, drafting the Official Rules, and taking care to make sure your sweepstakes is compliant with federal and state sweepstakes laws. In the past, full sweepstakes administration was the only option.

However, these days some savvy marketers opt for self-service. They reach out to us for help with drafting sweepstakes Official Rules and handle the rest of the promotion in-house or with use of our Sweepstakes Platform.

On the other hand, we recommend that companies that do not have the resources in-house opt for full service administration. This greatly improves your odds of a successful promotion because we can apply what we’ve learned from running thousands of sweepstakes promotions on behalf of the world’s top brands.

When to Consider Full Administration for a Sweepstakes

Self-service sweepstakes are great if you already have the resources in place needed to run a sweepstakes. However if that doesn’t sound like you, you may want full administration instead.

Here are some of the characteristics of companies that could benefit from full administration:

  • Need guidance on conceptual development: With self-service, you are completely in charge of your promotion’s design. You decide the prizes, the sweepstakes advertising and marketing, and when to launch the promotion. If you don’t know where to start with any of that, full administration can make sense.
  • Want to maximize ROI: If your goal is to maximize your results from your sweepstakes, it’s better to follow the blueprints that have already been established for how to run successful sweepstakes promotions. With full administration, our experts will apply this data in designing your sweepstakes.

When to Consider Self-Service Sweepstakes Management

On the other hand full sweepstakes administration may seem like more than you actually need as a company that has previously run sweepstakes and giveaways. If that’s the case, self-service could be a better choice for you.

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Bottom Line

Whether you choose full administration or self-service, you’ll be able to rely on a proven sweepstakes platform with Sweeppea. Carefully think about the potential outcome of your sweepstakes promotion and choose the sweepstakes company management option that is likely to help you make the most of your time and budget in the long run.

When Is It Best to Hire a Sweepstakes Company?

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