What to Include on a Sweepstakes Survey

Sweepstakes survey questions tell you more about the people who enter your sweepstakes. By writing effective sweepstakes survey questions, you’ll be able to get the data insights that you need about your customers.

Here’s what to include on a sweepstakes survey.

Ask Demographic Questions

Using a sweepstakes as an opportunity to ask demographic questions is an easy way to get to know your audience better. Your sweepstakes entrants will be eager to share their basic demographic information in exchange for a chance to win a prize (as long as the prize is worth winning).

Ask entrants to provide their name, address, and phone number. You can also ask them about their age range (e.g. 25-34) or even what brought them to enter your sweepstakes. This is useful information to know if your sweepstakes is for a product launch or you are using it to tap into the audiences of sweepstakes sponsors or social media influencers.

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While the right questions to ask vary depending on your campaign goals, it’s also important to include brand-related questions in your sweepstakes survey. You’ll want to ask about their interactions with your brand, namely:

  • Have you visited our website before?
  • Have you purchased a Pelaton bike before?
  • Are you currently shopping for a new Hyundai?
  • When do you plan to move?

If you’re not sure what brand-related sweepstakes survey questions to ask, just use the questions you typically ask to acquire buyer leads.

Ask Entrants to Provide Proof of Purchase

Asking entrants to provide proof of purchase for your product as a survey question is a great way for you to separate out the entrants who are your actual customers (versus sweepers and prospects). This will allow you to personalize your follow up messages to each group.

While your official rules must include a “no purchase necessary” clause, you are still permitted to ask entrants to upload a receipt with their sweepstakes entry.

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Final Tips

As a sweepstakes company, here are a few final tips to ensure that your sweepstakes questions are effective and you follow sweepstakes laws:

  • Write unbiased questions. Avoid putting your opinions into the questions so that the entrant doesn’t feel compelled to answer in a way that doesn’t reflect how they really feel.
  • Don’t ask entrants to assess two things at once. Asking entrants to respond to more than one thing at once in a single question will typically mean that they only answer part of the question or they skip it completely.
  • Include an Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE). In your official rules, make sure to let entrants know about both methods of entry: by completing a survey and without completing a survey. Typically, brands use enter via mail as the AMOE to avoid completing a survey.
  • Privacy Policy. Your official rules must explain exactly how you will use the personal information collected by the sweepstakes and which third party providers will have access to it.

Most of all, keep your sweepstakes survey short and sweet. No one wants to fill out 10 pages of questions.

By making a survey giveaways that takes 2 minutes or less to complete, you can maximize the number of entrants that actually complete the entry process for a larger data pool that is more representative of the actual audience.

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