How to Create A Sweepstakes for a Non-Profit Organization

Are you wondering how to do a sweepstakes for a non-profit organization and make it a success? Creating a non-profit sweepstakes is a great way to raise awareness about your non-profit organization and attract donations.

While creating a sweepstakes for a non-profit organization might seem difficult, there actually isn’t much difference between a non-profit sweepstakes and a traditional sweepstakes. Follow these steps to learn how to do a sweepstakes for a non-profit organization, step-by-step, using our sweepstakes company, Sweeppea.

1. Plan Your Non-profit Sweepstakes

Before creating a non-profit sweepstakes, you need to make a plan. Choose a primary goal for your sweepstakes campaign and make sure that your campaign is designed to achieve that goal.

For example, you might decide to do a non-profit sweepstakes to…

  • Attract donations
  • Attract sponsors
  • Raise awareness about a specific cause
  • Brand awareness for the organization

Once the plan for your sweepstakes is set, running a successful sweepstakes for a non-profit will be much easier.

2. Choose a Sweepstakes Prize

For a non-profit sweepstakes, you should be sure to pick a good prize that will attract a lot of entrants. Some of the most popular sweepstakes prizes for non-profit organizations are:

  • Car
  • Cash
  • Travel

Choosing the right prize is an important part of how to run a successful non-profit sweepstakes.

3. Sweepstakes Compliance for Non-profits

The next step of running a successful non-profit sweepstakes is to make sure that you have all of the necessary legal concerns covered. These are namely:

  • Free method of entry. Every sweepstakes must offer a free method of entry. You can award entries based on donations but there must be a way to enter without donating to ensure legal compliance.
  • Official rules. These are the written rules that govern your non-profit sweepstakes promotion.
  • Registration and bonding. Certain states require you to register and bond your sweepstakes, if the prize is worth more than $5,000.

Can You Require Entrants to Make a Donation in Order to Enter?

A big question that many non-profit organizations have is that they want to know if they can require entrants to make a donation in order to answer the sweepstakes. The short answer is ‘yes’. However, your non-profit sweepstakes must also comply with Equal Dignity Laws, namely that entrants will receive the same number of entries regardless of whether they enter for free or by making a donation.

In other words, ALL methods of entry provide THE SAME CHANCE of winning. No method of entry gives the entrant more entries than the others.

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