How to Handle Winner Notification in Your Sweepstakes Rules

sweepstakes winner

Want to make sure that you have everything you need in your sweepstakes rules before you launch? A crucial component of any sweepstakes is notifying the winners. 

There is a right way to do this to ensure that your sweepstakes ends on a positive note and that you’ve covered all of the necessary legal aspects.

Here is how to handle winner notification in your sweepstakes rules.

Date That Winners Will Be Notified

Your sweepstakes rules should include the approximate date winner(s) will be notified. Specify the exact methods you will use to notify them (e.g. mail, email, phone or SMS). For best results, use more than one notification method to ensure that the winner receives the notice in a timely manner.

The winner notification date should be within no more than a week after your sweepstakes ends so that your entrants will not have forgotten about the sweepstakes. 

How Long Winners Have to Respond

Once you have notified the winner(s), it’s their responsibility to reply to claim their prize within a reasonable timeframe. As a result, your sweepstakes rules should specify how long winners have to respond to a winner notification. If they don’t respond before then, they will forfeit their prize and you will select a new winner. 

Here is an example:

“The Winner will be required to respond to the notification within seventy-two (72) hours indicating whether he/she can accept the Prize. If no response is received within the time allotted, an alternate Winner may be selected.”

The response timeframe can be a few days, a week or more. Once this timeframe has expired, the original winner should be notified that they have forfeited their prize and the new winner should be notified immediately.

Sweepstakes Winner Eligibility Confirmation

After the winner has been notified, they must then confirm that they are indeed eligible to win by providing some additional information. Make sure that your sweepstakes rules mention that the winner must complete these extra steps before you will deliver their prize.

Some examples of extra steps include submitting valid identification for age verification purposes, signing an affidavit/release, and proving their Social Security number for tax purposes.

Notify the “Losers”

Finally, don’t forget to let the non-winners know that a winner has been selected. For the entrants that didn’t win, having a clear and smooth process for winner notification will increase their chances of entering again. With Sweeppea, this process will be handled automatically for you. 

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