How Text to Win Delivers a Contactless Sweepstakes for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused brands to re-evaluate their priorities and many are now turning to contactless sweepstakes options in order to continue their marketing efforts.

But how can brands advertise a sweepstakes in store and still achieve a solution that will protect both customers and company employees at the same time?

Here’s how text to win sweepstakes have come to the rescue for brands looking for contactless sweepstakes solutions.

Text to Win Sweepstakes Replace Paper Ballot at Stores

Long gone are the days of paper sweepstakes ballots. However, some brands are still uncertain as to how to offer a sweepstakes without having to have physical interaction with customers.

The solution? Offering a text to win sweepstakes means that entrants simply have to see your advertisement for your sweepstakes and can enter without having to interact with store employees or pick up a pen.

Avoid Contact When Choosing Winners

Paper ballots also create another unnecessary point of contact when it comes time to choose the winners of the sweepstakes. If you want to avoid ballot contact when it’s time to draw winners for your sweepstakes, offering a text to win via a sweepstakes platform like Sweeppea completely eliminates this problem.

Instead of having to have employees draw ballots manually, a text to win sweepstakes management software can automatically draw the winners for you. A winner will be selected at random to ensure that your sweepstakes is in compliance with sweepstakes laws.

Paper ballots not only put your employees at risk, they also make running a sweepstakes more time-consuming and harder to ensure fairness.

Convert Your Paper Entry Sweepstakes to Text to Win

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the numerous benefits of contactless sweepstakes, many brands are turning to Sweeppea to help them convert their paper entry sweepstakes to text to win. Surprisingly, many brands that were accustomed to doing things the old way are finding that it’s much easier to run a sweepstakes via text to win.

With a sweepstakes platform like Sweeppea, all of the manual tasks from advertising your sweepstakes to collecting ballots and drawing winners are all done digitally. No more paper ballots means your sweepstakes will attract more Millennials and Gen Zers.

Furthermore, it also means that customers will no longer avoid entering your sweepstakes because they don’t want to take the time to fill out their information on a paper ballot before leaving the store.

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