Introducing Our New Expert Assistant in Sweepstakes and Regulations: An Innovative Tool for Your Business

In the dynamic world of sweepstakes and promotions, being well-informed and compliant with regulations is crucial for success and legality. At Sweeppea, a leading company in the sweepstakes industry, we are excited to announce the addition of a new expert assistant to our platform. Powered by OpenAI’s advanced ChatGPT technology, this assistant is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date information on sweepstakes, regulations, and best practices in the United States and Canada.

Capabilities and Advantages of the Assistant

Our assistant is a unique tool that combines artificial intelligence with specialized knowledge in the field of sweepstakes. It can answer questions ranging from how to contact a sweepstakes expert to the details of creating a successful and legal sweepstakes. Furthermore, the assistant is programmed to assist our users in drafting official rules tailored to the regulations of different states and choosing appropriate types of prizes for their campaigns. The main advantage of using this assistant is its availability and accuracy, providing instant and reliable answers to our users’ inquiries.

How to Use the Assistant

To access our expert assistant, users must have a paid account with OpenAI, as this service is designed for businesses and users subscribed to a monthly plan. However, we are pleased to announce that this service will soon be available to the general public and will even be integrated within the Sweeppea platform.

Do not miss the opportunity to take your sweepstakes campaigns to the next level with our expert assistant. Visit for more information and to start using this revolutionary tool today. At Sweeppea, we are committed to providing the best solutions and advice to ensure the success of your promotions. Discover how our assistant, based on ChatGPT technology from OpenAI, can transform your sweepstakes strategy now!

Click Here to Open the Assistant:

OpenAI, its logo, and technology are registered trademarks and do not have any association with Sweeppea; we only use their advanced technology to create and operate this assistant.

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