Marcos Menendez

Sweepstakes marketing and administration is his professional love. Reaching 10 years of experience running successful sweepstakes for some of the largest brands in the US., Marcos’s professional goal is to improve the way sweepstakes are run by designing tools and services for sweepstakes that "Turn Participants into Customers."

Martin Gaido

Martin is our tech brain, the man behind our platform, its security, coolness and design. Not only does he kick ass on computer keys, but on piano keys as well. Martin is a classical pianist and composer when he’s not online. Discover his musical works here. Martin's also a Linux+ and RHCE certified specialist and active member of the Open Source community.

Barbara Chaney

She’s the voice of Sweeppea, as well as the top admin of our customer’s promotions. She is a sweepstakes management pro and a stickler for compliance. Her background in writing and marketing means she also helps get the word out about Sweeppea and our clients’ promotions. A fiction nerd, she loves good science fiction and writes short stories.

Ramiro Siciliano

Our coding master, Ramiro sets the code and conduct of Sweeppea. He works on all programming, database security and feature development. He's also a CISCO CCNA (Routing and Switching) certified specialist.

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